Professeur Mathijs Van Leeuwen: « les défis de l'enregistrement foncier dans les régions conflictuelles de la Région des Grands Lacs ».

E-CA – CRE-AC organise sa 64ième Rotonde Policy Talk le lundi 2 décembre 2019.

Résumé en anglais: In various places in the Great Lakes Region, development organizations support new mechanisms for localized land registration, as an alternative to formal, centralized titling. Localized land registration is expected to create more clarity about land ownership, and so prevent disputes and help recover livelihoods after conflict and displacement. Such mechanisms are inspired by acclaimed cases of successful localized registration elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. On the basis of findings from Burundi and Northern Uganda, the presentation reflects on how such mechanism may counter the particular land-related challenges in conflict-affected settings.