Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale 2023 - call for papers

Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale is the yearly publication of 

  • the Great Lakes of Africa Centre (GLAC) at the Institute of Development Policy (IOB), University of Antwerp, 
  • the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL),  
  • the Belgian centre for expertise on Central Africa (CRE-AC) 
  • and the Royal Museum for Central Africa (MRAC). 

It is published in MRAC’s series Cahiers Africains by L’Harmattan (Paris). Each edition is coordinated by a team of four editors of IOB, UCL and CRE-AC. This year the team consists of Benjamin Chemouni (UCL), Astrid Jamar (IOB), Lucien Ramazani Kalyongo (UCL), and Denis Augustin Samnick (IOB).

We launch the call for contributions for Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale 2023.

Abstracts of maximum 400 words (in French or English) should be uploaded through this link before 1 May 2022: htts:// .

Abstracts should briefly present the article’s key arguments, as well as their relevance in relation to contemporary evolutions in Central Africa. In case the argument of the article is based on empirical research, the abstract also outlines the key features of the research methodology.


Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale offers research scholarships to researchers of Congolese, Burundian, Rwandese or Ugandan origin, based in Africa.