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What is E-CA — CRE-AC?

E-CA — CRE-AC’s aim is to promote improved access and dissemination of knowledge about central Africa at the Belgian, European and international levels. This is crucial for efficient mobilization of the expertise needed by central Africa for its development. The Centre is a policy-oriented development tool and a catalyst for networking. It is mandated to provide a better understanding of the region by promoting dialogue and the exchange of information between the scientific and academic spheres, NGOs, government and the private sector. E-CA — CRE-AC reinforces the tradition of partnership between Belgium and central Africa.

Recent updates

  • Rotunda Policy Talks 2014:

    “Prof Tom De Herdt (IOB, UA) & Prof Marc Poncelet (Pôle-Sud, ULg) – Les défis de l’Université et de la coopération universitaire en RDC | De uitdagingen van de universiteit en de universitaire samenwerking in de DRC”
    see Rotunda Policy Talks > October 27, 2014 under Activities.

    “Madame Justine Nkurunziza, présidente de la coalition de la société civile pour le monitoring électoral (COSOME)”
    “Monsieur Pacifique Nininahazwe, président du Forum pour la conscience et le développement (FOCODE)”
    La perception de la société civile au sujet des élections de 2015 et de la sphère politique du Burundi.
    See Rotunda Policy Talks > September 23, 2014 under Activities.

    “François Misser, Expert Central Africa – The future of Inga”
    see Rotunda Policy Talks > March 17, 2014 under Activities.

    “Jean Omasombo, searcher MRAC and prof Pol. Sc. Univ. Kinshasa – Understanding of the political events in DRC 1n 2013”
    see Rotunda Policy Talks > February 24, 2014 under Activities.
  • Book Launch IV on April 23, 2014: “Conjonctures Congolaises 2013”.
    Read more on: Book Launch IV > Programme under Activities.
    You can als order the book: see Book Launch IV > Book orders under Activities.

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